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Natural Remedy For Heartburn

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With more than 60 million Americans suffering from heartburn once a month and 15 million suffering heartburn everyday it is becoming almost an epidemic. The problem is that many remedies focus on the symptoms and not the cause, this type of treatment gives only temporary relief of the symptoms and does not address the real cause of the heartburn unlike a natural remedy for heartburn does. In actual fact the symptoms are the body giving you a message that there is something not quite right and when medication is taken to suppress the symptoms you are in fact killing the messenger.

This goes for all symptoms that you feel and modern medicine together with the pharmaceutical industry focus on the treatment of symptoms. Unfortunately the majority of modern society has now been conditioned to think this way and our own bodies ability to intuitively repair itself is continuously overlooked.

When the symptoms to heartburn are addressed at the root cause the results are incredible, I myself have been a sufferer of heartburn along with many other minor health issues. When I started to understand the differences between achieving the symptoms for heartburn and a natural remedy for heartburn my whole attitude change in the way I viewed heartburn.

Actually it has changed the way I viewed my health in general resulting in me becoming self directed in my own health care, for the five years that I have been on this path I have gone from suffering many different ailments like back pain and heartburn to feeling more healthy than I have felt for over 30 years, I do not even suffer from the flu or a cold for more than four years.

A natural remedy for heartburn was just the start for me, a start that introduced me to the real potential of our own bodies healing power. Now I just support my body with the appropriate natural remedies and let the body do the rest. Creating the right internal environment with specific natural remedies will help the body overcome any illness including heartburn.

It is quite a simple philosophy but extremely powerful, this type of therapy is gathering momentum with the general population that are feed up with beating a path to the Doctors with repeating symptoms.

These recurring symptoms are just the body giving a stronger message, a message that is telling you that you have not yet deal with the real issue. Over time when the real cause is continuously ignored by treating the symptoms, eventually the symptoms develop into something else that can be life threatening.

The good news is that it is never too late to discover natural remedies including a natural remedy for heartburn as the body has an amazing ability to repair itself.

Source by Calvin Newstead

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