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Heartburn Remedies – As Natural As Apple Pie

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Somebody probably gave you a suggestion for a heartburn remedy at a time when you thought acid reflux was just an annoyance. But now that you see that it’s not going to go away, maybe it’s time to do something about these heartburn symptoms. Here’s a look at a very special food that can make it go away.

No relief treatment works for all, but there are good, natural ways to help your stomach out of the jam. Many, besides apples, can be found right in your kitchen.

Apples – have long been acclaimed for their health benefits. Dark colored fruits are known for their beneficial flavanoids and phenolic acids – especially the skin. Apples are rich in vitamins C and B6 as well as potassium, calcium and magnesium. This mineral loaded fruit is the natural way to reduce stomach acid.

Apple juice, especially the cloudy kind, contains concentrates of these, health boosting benefits. All this adds up to a fruit that has a lot going for it: The potential to ward off inflammation, harmful bacteria, like those that thrive in a high acid environment, tumors and other such things as neurological problems.

There is something to be learned here. When you see the value in just one apple, imagine all the health a bowl of mixed fruit can bring. And there are others just as important, like bananas, papayas and kiwis. You can’t help wonder at the miracle of food. And why we don’t use it more to our advantage, especially when dealing with a food related problem like acid reflux.

It’s possible that something as simple as a piece of fruit can balance your body chemistry, helping it to ward of heartburn and other problems. But the issue here is the cause of your heartburn. It may be something fixed simply with a bowl of fruit. It may take more effort on your part to find a solution. Start by making a plan for a personal treatment that eliminates heartburn before there is damage.

If you want to write a heartburn free chapter to your life, it should include these things. 1) A balanced diet that includes foods from the USDA Food Pyramid. 2) A heartburn treatment that is made up of natural ingredients that are absorbed by the body the same way healthy food is.

The real success is acting on a plan that cures heartburn quickly and naturally. The sooner the better. You can do this by identifying the cause and adding or reducing foods that affect the stomach’s efficiency. Take the time now to put this in motion. Don’t be afraid to start life a new.

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