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Heartburn Nighttime Agony

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Nighttime heartburn may be the most serious form of heartburn acid reflux. It is usually associated with chronic heartburn. Nighttime heartburn is not only very painful it can lead to a more serious condition. People who suffer from this condition frequently suffer from the lack of sleep and depression. Many suffers report getting less than 4 hours of sleep 3 or more nights a week. This can lead to problems with family relations and job performance. It can also place the individual at greater risk of an accident when driving or operating machinery.

In addition, most chronic nighttime heartburn suffers also have back and leg problems form sleeping in chairs or recliners in an effort to reduce the acid reflux that is associated with nighttime heartburn. All of these symptoms can gang up on a heartburn suffer to the point that they feel their life is not worth living. Depression is a serious disease that can further reduce the quality of life for the suffer. Many people with depression do not or can not seek the necessary diagnosis and treatment of heartburn. This leads to a never ending cycle of misery.

People with nighttime heartburn are also more likely to not respond to the symptoms of a real heart attack in a timely manner. They incorrectly assume that it is just another attack of heartburn. Any delay in seeking treatment for a heart attack can lead to increased heart damage and even death.

About 87% of all heartburn symptoms can be cured. The first and most critical step you must take is to see your physician for a diagnosis. The second step is to do research on heartburn on the internet and in your library. There are many home and natural remedies available that work very well. When it comes to disease, information is power, the power to solve your pain and agony. There are many knowledge sources of information available on line. Recently several good books have been written on heartburn and acid reflux that can be downloaded directly into your computer. These can be read on the computer or printed out. Now days there is little reason to suffer from nighttime heartburn. Make an appointment with you doctor today, it may save your life.

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