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Heartburn and Candida – What is it and What to Do

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The article will tell you heartburn and candida relationship. What’s this heartburn that’s often found with candida? A registered nutritional consultant and naturopathic doctor, explained that this might be a hydrochloric acid deficiency, which is also found in people in general. Unless someone has an ulcer, he always puts his candida clients on HCl supplements and digestive enzymes. The acid prevents the yeast from colonizing the stomach wall and also insures good protein and fat digestion, reducing the chances of allergies. It also protects against “critters” getting into intestines and causing problems.

There is a long list of health problems either caused or strongly linked to low stomach acid including candida, hypothyroidism, lupus, and various autoimmune diseases–don’t underestimate it!

He suggested that you get HCl caps at any health food store. If you can’t find them, try taking bitter herbs shortly before you eat to stimulate more acid release in the stomach.

Someone just found out that her chronic heartburn caused a precancerous condition called barrett’s esophagus, so don’t discount heartburn (especially long-term) as a minor discomfort! Any type of reflux should be addressed by a professional if it lasts for more than a month or two, especially if it is severe.

Another person jumps in and declares that heartburn is her main symptom. She can’t find no rhyme or reason as to cause. For example, yesterday, she had buckwheat pancake with fresh stevia sweetened applesauce. Vegetables and chicken breast stir fry for lunch. And she had heartburn most of the day. Last night she went to a party, had pizza, shrimp with red sauce a glass of beer! No heartburn! She takes Betain Hydrochloride, with pepsin tabs and Gastrozyme before meals. She has had upper GI and everything was checked and normal as in no sign of GERD.

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