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Heart Burn Remedy – How to Cure Heart Burn Using These All Natural Herbs

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Heart burn remedy is one thing that many people who are suffering from burning chest and throat pain are looking for. This pain is caused because of our diet, We should take notice of what causes us discomfort and eliminate these things entirely. When we feel this burn, we need something that will work and will do so quickly. This article will reveal some herbs that you can take to cure your pain.

A great heart burn remedy will actually help to neutralize the acidity in your stomach and relieve any gas. This gas will usually cause acid to ultimately back up into your esophagus. In the process you will experience relief and any burning pain will stop.

1) Take celery. Celery will help in digestion and it will relax your muscles. Celery will also help to improve your appetite. As a sedative, celery is great!

2) Eat some fennel seeds. You will be able to find these seeds at any grocery stores. You can also use the seeds and make a soothing tea from them. Fennel seeds are good for gas and as an abdominal pain reliever. They also help with any burning pain, because they lower acidity.

3) Take some ginger. Ginger will help with digestion problems. It will also help with indigestion when you have eaten any rich foods.

4) Eat some peppermint to soothe your burning pain. You can grow peppermint in your garden. You can chew on the leaves of peppermint. If you want, you can even make the leaves into a tea. You can also add peppermint to your fennel tea. Peppermint oil is also often used in over the counter pharmacy products, but sometimes only contain minty flavors, which might not provide any relief at all.

The good thing about these herbs is that they are all natural and have no side effects. In this article, I shared with you a few herbs that are good as a heart burn remedy. For even more effective natural choices, see below for the ultimate system!

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