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Curing Heartburn With A Wellness Boosting Plan

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The body is always changing. Often in subt ways that go unnoticed until we trip over one of the miles. Heartburn can be one of these. Heartburn is usually one of the first medical milestones to appear.

As the body ages there are others that will appear and they are could be bad knees, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. All these usually mean a routine of medications, often never ending medications. Interestingly enough there can be a common thread through all these conditions – nutrition.

When thinking of a healthier life, one of the first concerns is this collection of pills that is necessary to keep the ship afloat. Once you reach three or four medication the chance of interaction, side effects or wrong dosage has become a big concern for medical practitioners who see this occurrence all to often.

Of course the best medicine is to address the potential health problems before they occur. This is where a plan for a heartburn cure comes in. The modern diet is beset on all sides by too much acid. This can come from meat, colas, snack foods, processed foods – just about any processed food source. Reducing acid levels can have a big impact. It is because of high acid levels in the body that bacteria and viruses that thrive in this type of environment come to live.

You can improve the body's resources for preventing these aliens that can cause lesions and stomach ulcers by rebalancing the body's pH level. All this can happen with the nutritious foods you hear so much about: 6-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It's these foods that hold the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to ward off those bone problems and heartburn. It's also a way to prevent the other conditions mentioned above. Preventative medicine makes good sense.

The secret of all this coming together is a daily walk. Yes, a daily, low impact workout completes the equation. This occurs because an outdoor walk provides the slight jarring motion and vitamin D the body needs to metabolize calcium for strong bones. Without it most of that recommended 1,000mg / day would probably pass through the body untouched. There are other chemical reactions that take place for the metabolizing of calcium into tissue cells, but they too can be found in nature's plant foods.

The steps to a preventive health plan

  • Eat more plant foods rich in alkaloids
  • Incorporate exercise for strength, endurance and efficiency
  • Plan a menu with an eye toward preventative medicine
  • Include heartburn remedies for their anti-inflammatory powers

Heartburn natural remedies are a valuable tool for gastric relief and overall wellness. There are many to choose from and whether they work depends on your metabolism. Since many of these remedies are complex compounds that contain some acids, they may not be useful for your application. There is no way to know until you try. One thing certain is that some of the herbs and spices contain dozens of ingredients that give them far more potential for good than manufactured chemicals.

You can try something as basic as skim milk for a heartburn remedy or even sipping on a liter bottle of water with 1,000mg of calcium added. Then again there are others like ginger tea, a traditional Chinese medicine that offers stomach soothing ingredients and an effective anti-inflammatory.

Practicing wellness through these three actions – nutrition, fitness and natural remedies – is a smart and cost effective way to stay ahead in the race for a heartburn cure and healthy living.

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