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Countering GERD the Culinary Way – Low Acidic Foods You Actually Want to Eat: 50 Recipes for GERD Sufferers

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Do you suffer from GERD: also known heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux? One of the first steps in combating this painful ailment is basic lifestyle changes. Small dietary changes like adopting a low acid diet can go a long way in maintaining health and happiness without resorting to a plethora of medications or homeopathic remedies. This fabulous GERD cookbook is a great source of information for recipes to fight GERD. Countering GERD the Culinary Way, Low Acidic Foods you Actually Want to eat; 50 Recipes for GERD Sufferers is an excellent GERD diet book to help you learn to create a personal diet plan! This GERD cookbook, and its 50 original and delectable recipes to fight GERD, is the best GERD diet book you’ll ever need!

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