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The Dangers of Omeprazole Medication

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Omeprazole medication is a drug used to treat ulcers (including stomach ulcers) and symptoms of GERD. It is the generic name for the brand Prilosec and Prilosec OTC. Omeprazole medication is in the proton pump inhibitor class of drugs which blocks production of stomach acid to reduce symptoms of acid reflux.

Omeprazole medication is doctor prescribed and picked up by you at your pharmacy. Multum is the company that generates the medication guide for doctors and health care facilities that provide omeprazole medication. Unfortunately treatment even with the correct dose of this medicine can result in a wide range of side effects that range from the mildly unpleasant to the embarrassing and down right deadly.

Omeprazole medication side effects include:

· Constipation

· Diarrhea

· Sensitivity to light

· Loss of taste

· Swelling of the hands, feet, legs and more

· Mouth inflammation

· Gastrointestinal infection

· Nausea

· Headaches

· Muscle weakness

· Muscle aches, pain or tenderness

· Vomiting

· Stomach and abdominal pain

· Dizziness

· Fainting

· Feeling light headed

· Itching

· Rashes

· General feeling of being ill

· Dermatitis and skin problems

· Insomnia

· Aggressiveness

· Agitation

· Hair loss

· Blurred vision

· Drowsiness

· Urticaria

· Vertigo

· Aangioedema

· Anaphylactic shock

· Bronchospasm

· Fever

· Kidney problems

· Male breast enlargement

· Joint pain

· Depression

· Dry mouth

· Hallucination

· Impotence or other sexual side effects

· Profuse sweating

· Arthritis

· Blood and bone marrow issues

· Jaundice

· Stevens-Johnson syndrome

· Toxic reactions

· Confusion

· Problems with metabolism

· Liver problems

· Hypersensitivity

Now compare the side effects with the symptoms that it is meant to prevent and control:

· Sore throat

· Regurgitation

· Hoarseness

· Heartburn

· Chest pain

Clearly the side effects of omeprazole medication can be much worse and far more dangerous than the symptoms they are meant to treat. Now that doesn’t mean that you should avoid any treatment all together. As over time reflux of stomach acid can result in erosion of the esophagus and other health problems.

Fortunately there are many ways to naturally combat and prevent symptoms of GERD and to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach without omeprazole medication. Your plan for natural treamtent of acid reflux and GERD symptoms without omeprazole medication should include the following:

1. Eliminating bad habits that increase acidity.

2. Changing diet by reducing acidic foods and increasing the ratio of alkaline foods.

3. Getting regular exercise

4. Watching activities after meals

5. Taking natural remedies and home cures to balance ph levels

1. Bad Habits

Whether or not you are following a natural plan for treatment or are going to risk the dangers of omeprazole medication you should begin be eliminating bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol which create acidity in the body.

2. Diet

Again omeprazole medication is not a magical cure and while it may help some symptoms even with major risks it does not prevent the causes. You need to reduce the amount of acid in your diet which will reduce the amount of acid produced in your stomach. Try to consume a ratio of 2-3 parts alkaline foods to acidic foods.

3. Exercise

Even short walks after meals will promote better digestion and metabolism.

4. Activity

Avoid laying down or bending over directly after meals.

5. Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies to help balance ph levels to ensure the right balance of stomach acid to ensure proper digestion. These include a wide range of herbs, and natural foods and drinks that are easy to find and incorporate into your daily routines and do not carry side effect like omeprazole medication.

Source by Nat Brown

Efficient Flatulence Cure and Organic Therapy

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Flatulence is a problem linked to the improper digestion of foods. Tummy and small intestine are liable for digestion. Each time foods we ate does not crack down fully, it enters into massive intestine in an undigested state and massive intestine starts to digest this foods with the enable of certain micro organism.

Tummy uses enzymes for digestion and massive intestine uses micro organism. When foods is digested in massive intestine, the micro organism produce byproduct in the form of gases. These extreme gases arises this problem recognised as flatulence. In straightforward words, flatulence is brought about because of to output of extreme gas in the digestive technique.

Flatulence is a pretty widespread trouble and almost anyone faces this problem each individual now and then. There are few leads to that are liable for over output of gas. Constipation is the most widespread induce for incidence of this problem. Any problem in digestive technique can guide to flatulence. There are some a lot more causes that may perhaps induce flatulence. Consumption of contaminated h2o, higher body fat diet, lactose deficiency, foods made up of higher starch level these as potato or corn, liquor, using tobacco cigarettes, certain medication any of these matters can induce flatulence.

There are some symptoms that can tell us that if we are struggling from flatulence or not. The most widespread symptom is extreme expulsion of wind. Belching and farting are the only approaches by means of which our overall body expulse extreme gas. Foul odor in fart can be identified as extreme sum of certain micro organism in digestive technique. When our overall body is not able to expulse extreme gas this gas can induce some discomforts. Bloating of the belly or soreness in stomach is a symptom about gas is caught in digestive technique. There are treatments for dealing with flatulence successfully.

1. Garlic soup is the most crucial cure for this problem. Grind garlic, cumin, black pepper and coriander seeds collectively. Incorporate h2o in this mixture and cook for fifteen to twenty five minutes. It will not only improve digestion but also it will reduce intestinal gas.

two. Asafetida is a good carminative and pretty effective anti-flatulent. Take 50 % cup of h2o and add small pieces of asafetida in it. Stir this alternative right up until asafetida dissolves fully. Drink it whenever desired.

three. Ingesting few coriander seeds will reduce extreme gas and it is also effective on abdominal soreness brought about because of to gas.

4. Take just one cup of h2o and boil it with grinded ginger root. Use it as tea.

5. Tea built with cumin is also pretty effective. Incorporate just one teaspoon of roasted cumin seeds in two cups of h2o. Boil it till h2o minimizes to just one cup. Take this preparing at the time, each day.

6. Incorporate two tablespoons of peach leaves in just one glass of h2o. Boil it for fifteen minutes. Have this alternative three occasions a working day.

Preventions are pretty crucial for the procedure of any problem. When somebody is struggling from diseases linked to digestive technique, tobacco should be averted. Tobacco is nicely recognised for supplying start to mortal illnesses linked to lungs and mouth. However, tobacco is also pretty unsafe for digestive technique. So keep away from use of tobacco in any form. If you will need to launch gas, do not wait in performing so. Release it even if you have to depart the home. Food items sweetened with fructose or sorbitol should be averted. Chewing foods thoroughly is encouraged to prevent indigestion. As described indigestion is most widespread induce for flatulence. Training increases the digestion and it also aids go gas by means of technique faster. When these treatments and preventions are paired together, flatulence is fixed fully.

Resource by Dr Easton Patrick

H Pylori An infection Leads to Gastritis

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My Mother died aged just sixty. When medical professionals executed her autopsy, they reported that she had been suffering severe gastritis and bleeding of the belly and small intestine. In ten a long time of health care treatment, no person had bothered to check her belly for the existence of hurt.

My Mother died as a consequence of septicemia: an infection developed in her psoas muscle, burst and authorized the infectious microbes to enter her brain. It is fairly very clear to me that the infectious organisms that brought on the sepsis broke into her circulation by means of her damaged belly and intestine.

This is a significant topic!

Gastritis merely suggests “inflammation of the belly”. H pylori infection is the major – but not the only – trigger of gastritis.

In simple fact, any phrase that ends in ‘itis’ suggests inflammation. For illustration, colitis is inflammation of the colon, arthritis is inflammation of joints, uveitis is inflammation of the eyes.

Most of the discomfort people practical experience is brought on by inflammation. If tissues in your human body are inflamed, you’ll are likely to come to feel discomfort there.

However, inflammation does not generally trigger discomfort and this is a single of the most critical lessons you can find out about your overall health for the reason that “silent” inflammation brings about most of the disorders that afflict the Western inhabitants.

Persistent, long time period inflammation can direct to most cancers, coronary heart ailment, diabetic issues, depression, IBS, autoimmune ailment and lots of other ailment processes. These disorders don’t surface around evening, they are the consequence of a long time period system.

H Pylori, Gastritis & Tummy Agony

H pylori infection generally brings about inflammation. This inflammation is generally situated in the belly and small intestine, exactly where it is recognised as gastritis and duodenitis, respectively.

In some folks, gastritis and duodenitis will trigger them to practical experience discomfort consciously, but other folks will not come to feel this discomfort. This is comparable to the condition in celiac ailment, exactly where some people come to feel serious discomfort upon taking in gluten, whereas many others come to feel no distress in any respect, even however the gluten brings about substantial quantities of inflammation in the intestine.

Personal variances in the way we react to the H pylori infection, in addition to the distinct strain of H pylori included, appear to be the main explanations why some folks build belly discomfort, heartburn and other not comfortable signs and symptoms even though many others do not.

The most frequent symptom of gastritis is a burning discomfort that occurs among the breastbone and the bellybutton. The discomfort can possibly be worsened or made better by meals.

Nausea, decline of appetite, bloating and other frequent digestive signs and symptoms could also be symptoms of gastritis. Severe gastritis can direct to belly ulcers or bleeding, each of which should be taken care of by a health care expert.

If you have severe discomfort, burning, nausea, vomiting – primarily if you vomit blood or coffee-like granules – or if your bowel actions are unusually dark, find health care consideration instantly as you could have bleeding in your belly or intestines.

A few Principal Leads to Of Gastritis

There are three big brings about of gastritis:

First, H pylori infection is thought to be the amount a single trigger of gastritis.

Second, NSAIDS this sort of as Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), Naxopren (Aleve, Naprosyn) are made use of to deal with discomfort syndromes this sort of as arthritis and complications. They are accessible around the counter, with no prescription.

They perform by reducing the development of some of the body’s discomfort signalling chemicals, recognised as prostaglandins. Gastritis and bleeding of the belly are recognised to be aspect results of utilizing NSAIDS. For illustration, in a single study it was located that the use of a single grownup strength aspirin for every day triples a person’s possibility of staying hospitalised for a big gastrointestinal bleed.

3rd, several diet regime and lifestyle components could trigger or contribute to the improvement of gastritis. Right here are some of those components:

• Liquor intake (liquor is a big irritant of the GI tract)
• Cigarette smoking
• Dehydration
• Having smoked, pickled and processed food items, for illustration bacon, salami, pickles, vinegar). Processed meats that include nitrates and nitrites are preservatives are primarily problematic.
• Spicy food items this sort of as chilli
• Greasy food items that contains processed vegetable oils
• Consuming gluten-that contains food items (from wheat, rye and barley)
• Cow’s milk goods, primarily when they are pasteurised
• Sugar intake
• Espresso drinking
• Food items allergies: frequent triggers incorporate cow’s milk, wheat, corn, yeast, nuts, eggs
• Strain (sure, strain has been shown to immediately trigger inflammation)

Overcoming Gastritis

Overcoming gastritis is not tricky. If you have digestive discomfort earlier mentioned your bellybutton, the possibilities are that you have gastritis.

So initial, check your lifestyle from the components detailed earlier mentioned and accurate any of these that have to have correcting. Get rid of problematic food items, stop smoking and speak to your health practitioner about regardless of whether you have to have NSAIDs.

If this does not reduce your signs and symptoms, make confident that get a test for H pylori. You can get a test from your health practitioner. We suggest that you two checks: a stool antigen test and a urea breath test.

If H pylori is detected in your tests, you should just take steps to eradicate the infection utilizing triple therapy antibiotics or a properly-designed natural protocol this sort of as the a single I made use of when I had H pylori.

At the time H pylori has been effectively eradicated, substances that are valuable in healing a damaged belly and intestinal lining incorporate DGL, zinc-l-carnosine, l-glutamine, cysteine or n-acetyl cysteine, gamma-oryzanol, colostrum and probiotics.

If you are going through extremely severe signs and symptoms, I suggest that you ask for an endoscopy assessment from your health practitioner or specialist. The endoscopy technique can help you detect how severe your gastritis is. It can also figure out regardless of whether you have developed belly, or peptic ulcers, Barrett’s esophagus, atrophic gastritis and other circumstances, together with most cancers. A biopsy can also be taken during the endoscopy technique to detect H pylori infection.

Do not undervalue your body’s messages. If you have discomfort in your digestive system it suggests there is some thing wrong. H pylori can trigger belly most cancers if it is left untreated. So what begins as very simple gastritis can finish up producing extremely significant troubles.

Remember to don’t just take possibilities. Alter your diet regime and lifestyle behavior and, if this does not convey reduction, find health care consideration instantly.

Supply by Dave Hompes

Is It OK To Eat Barley When You Have Acid Reflux?

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Barley can be considered as an acidic food. If you are suffering from acid reflux, then you know that you should avoid any acidic food as it can trigger the production of stomach acid. Therefore, you can assume that it is not safe to consume barley.

Being an acidic food is only one reason why you should not take barley. Foods are that rich in gluten can cause acid reflux. Gluten is a protein found commonly in grains such as wheat, oats, and barley. Almost all foods contain grain. If you experience any heartburn, then you should visit an allergist to confirm if you are allergic to gluten. You can prevent acid reflux disease by excluding all gluten products.

Sugar, artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners such as barley malt syrup can cause acid reflux. Use stevia instead to prevent excess production of stomach acid.

It looks like you have a good reason to stop eating barley. However, not every part of barley can result in acid reflux. The only part of the barley that doesn’t cause acid reflux is barley grass. It is gluten free and alkaline. It can restore the pH balance in your body and reduce stomach acid especially for those with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).

Garden of Life’s Acid Defense is a natural product for treating heartburn and symptoms of GERD. Its super-alkalinizing ingredients can rectify the pH in your body and provide reinforcement for alkaline reserves. It use uses barley juice concentrate, which is extracted from barley grass, as one of the main ingredients. Barley juice concentrate doesn’t have any gluten. It provides naturally occurring potassium, calcium, magnesium and other alkalinizing elements that relieve you from the symptoms of GERD and improves your digestive system.

So, it is OK to eat barley when you have acid reflux? It all depends on the end products of the barley you are consuming. Your food should be high in alkaline in order to find relief from acid reflux. Barley grass and juice concentrates are alkaline. Therefore, they should help to eliminate heartburn. However, if you have stomach or intestinal disorder, then you should be careful when you consume all barley products. If you experience any complications, then you should stop using them immediately and visit your doctor for treatment.

Source by Andy Lim

Can Peanuts Cause Acid Reflux Problems?

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It is quite possible for someone suffering from acid reflux to do all of the right things only to find their symptoms are not getting any better, or that they may even be getting worse. This usually means that there is something else going on, and that someone has to look deeper into their diet to see if there might be another trigger they may not have noticed. You’ll no doubt be aware of the number of people suffering from peanut allergies so can peanuts cause acid reflux too?

Peanuts and Acid Reflux

Peanuts have high fat content and there is also suggestion that they can relax the esophageal sphincter and that means they should be avoided with dealing with heartburn. They go right along with things to avoid like alcohol, caffeine in any drink or food, deep fried foods, sugars of all types, tomatoes, tomato juice, and citrus family fruits and juices.

The other instance where peanuts might be a problem is if someone has food sensitivity. Those who are allergic to peanuts know it and will avoid them. However, food sensitivities can often go unnoticed, as there may not be a sudden reaction unlike an allergic reaction, so it can be very hard to pinpoint. Peanuts can definitely be a food that causes sensitivities.

Acid reflux can be aggravated by sensitivities to any food or indeed can be caused by them. Peanuts are found in many things, and if you look at the list of foods that someone who is allergic to peanuts must avoid, you will find a very long list.

So although peanuts pose a problem for some with reflux, many have no idea that some of the things they are eating contain peanuts. Which means they can have treatment for GERD without having any idea they also have a peanut sensitivity, which can result in the treatment being ineffectual.

If you are concerned you may have a peanut sensitivity that is contributing to your acid reflux symptoms the best approach is to keep a food diary and monitor your symptoms. Should you find that your symptoms are worse after eating food containing peanuts then it would be best to eliminate or moderate your intake.

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Though getting peanuts out of the diet seems like the easy answer, this may not always be as easy as it sounds.

A huge number of foods have peanuts in them, or even trace amounts from the way they were manufactured. However, now that there is more awareness about peanut allergies and serious side effects when allergy sufferers eat nuts most food manufacturers are labeling their products accordingly.

Look for the warnings on food packaging and to see if peanuts are present. You’ll find that many restaurants will also warn if dishes contain nuts.

If you try removing peanuts from your diet and acid reflux symptoms subside then you have found the answer to the question of can peanuts cause acid reflux or worsen symptoms.

Source by Kathryn Whittaker